Here's an excuse

to subscribe to Touchstone Magazine. There's fine article by the wife of one of the L&P contributors, subtitled "on the Public Nature of Marital Privacies." (Spoiler alert: I'm going to quote the last paragraph.) "As go the banns, so go babies. Our churches must grow, but our families must be reasonably sized; our sex must be fantastic but never dutiful; our food is organic but our love is not. We sip from empty glasses and sing the expressiveness of the wine. True love waits, or if that's too hard, it can be made to appear to wait. And after the official waiting is over, love need show nothing for itself but a naughty grin."

Touchstone does ecumenism the way it ought to be done, not glossing over what has historically separated our confessions but working together in arenas where there is agreement. Check out sample articles here. If you need more convincing, give the blog a read.