The Issue Remains About Christ and the Church

"How is it that abortion supporters understand that birth control does not reduce abortion, yet pro-lifers don't? Birth control was created so that we could separate sex from procreation. How do we not get that, pro-lifers? When you separate the act of sex from babies, of course abortions occur.....
I'm not saying that you should only have sex when you are fertile. But to be perfectly honest, you should only have sex when you are open to life. Because believe it or not, babies are many times a result of sex. And that's the way it was intended to be."
Sorry folks. Contraception access increases abortions. And here’s the proof. (Okay, not sure this is totally "proof," but it is the headline typed, still brings up valid points.)

Simply stated. Perhaps our biggest cultural misunderstanding. Welcome to the buffet style of receiving God's gifts, pick and choose what part of God's gifts are for you and which you will pass on (for now). Then again, churches have been doing this for a long time. We choose which parts of the liturgy we want to sing (or not sing) each week, we choose to have the Lord's Supper once a month or every other week, we think we can separate gifts as we want to receive them rather than receiving them in full with great joy. Perhaps our greatest struggle in these areas of life and precisely a result of our struggles with receiving the gifts of Word and Sacrament in full. We separate the bride (the church) from the bridegroom (Christ) in our worship, and inescapably the bride believes she can separate the gifts given with marriage. 

Indeed, lex orandi, lex credendi, our worship forms our beliefs. And more than that our beliefs shape our life. May the Lord have mercy on us and grant faith that receives His gifts in full with great joy.

(Read Eph. 5 if this language is unfamiliar for you, and please contact myself or another pastor, most of us listed on the side here are, if you have questions regarding the relationship of Christ and the church.)