Sex & Death

If you are not already aware of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture then today is your day and from this day forward all generations will call you blessed!

Not only is it a fine magazine, but as I was poking around their site this evening I stumbled upon a fine article by Thomas Fleming that deals with our present discussion. This is a well written piece and deserves our consideration and I'm sure a few comments.

Sex & Death by Thomas Fleming


Megan Rufner said...

I figure it is high time I added to the discussion. Some of Fleming's statements in his article may seem radical, but I definitely agree with most of them.

Fleming says, "Why is the right to kill one’s own child so special that it trumps all other considerations, even public health rules. Abortuaries are subject to less regulation than veterinary clinics. Is that really how most Americans view unborn babies? The answer is probably known to everyone who reads this column: reproductive rights, or rather on-reproductive rights: the right and duty to have sex without reproducing."

Here is our society's contraceptive mind set that led/leads to abortion "rights." Is this what we as Christians want to support? I pray not.

"Only in the 20th century have we universalized the rebellion against nature and God and communicated it to the common man. God? I do not refer only to the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply” or to the punishment of Onan for practicing contraception. Christianity, though some of the early fathers were too skeptical about marriage and sex, has represented an affirmation and elevation and transfiguration of marital relations. When the churches turned first to contraception and then to abortion, they became the church of Antichrist"..."This worship of sex and death, I submit to you in all seriousness, is the diabolical religion of mainstream “Christianity” today."

Some would argue, and I would even agree at first, that most Christian churches, including Lutheran churches, do not accept or support abortion. However, many of these churches and pastors do support and at times even encourage the use of contraception. Look where that has led us though! I believe there definitely is a connection between the right to sex without reproducing and the right to terminate a preganacy which results that is unwanted. (This connection has already been discussed somewhat in earlier postings on this blog-so sorry if this is redundant). I believe that in itself should lead us as Christians to want nothing to do with contraception, not to mention what God's Word tells us, what natural law lays on our hearts, etc. concerning contraception.

I appreciated Fleming's article and his willingness to say it how it is. We could use more Christian witnesses calling out not only abortion and abortificiants such as the birth control pill, but also contraception and its devestating effects on so many people whether by leading to abortion, divorce, or unhealthy, unfruitful marriages.

Pr. David Rufner said...

So few comments on Thomas Fleming's post. I am shocked. Maybe it's just not being read...