Feeling Sexy at Harvard...

Since there haven't been any new posts in a while, here is a good article from National Review that was passed on to me.

-Megan Rufner

Feeling Sexy at Harvard
And The Gap is here to serve.
By C. R. Hardy

The last time I lived in Cambridge with kids was four years ago. Back then I had just two of them — and was pregnant with my third. According to my fair-minded fellow Cambridge residents, I was an overpopulating nut-case. The snickers and sneers were insufferable — most especially when I was out with my boys in a double stroller, pushing them along with my pregnant, over-sized mid-section. You could see the astonished eyes looking first at the stroller, then at my belly, then quickly at my face (to see if I was real, I assume), and then embarrassingly shifting to a store front or a passing car. Then the person would whisper to a smiling companion, well within my hearing, “She’s having another one!” As if it weren’t already obvious.

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Rebecca said...

Just stumbled upon this site and recognized a name I know: Dave Rufner. Ah, Dave, remember your good 'ole friend Calvinist Becky?

I have IN WRITING an invitation from you to come preach in your church. Don't you ever forget. :-)

Caspar said...

Beside the point that this has nothing to do with the topic of this post, I think a more complete explanation is called for here. Reason 1: It is against the explicit teachings of Scripture and LCMS doctrine for a woman to publicly preach or teach. Reason 2: It is against the implicit teachings of Scripture and LCMS doctrine for Calvinists to preach or teach in our churches.

Pastor David Rufner is the founder of this blog, and founded it as a Lutheran blog as an LCMS pastor. If the above comment is true, the qualification of this blog as "Lutheran" rightly questioned.

Please explain.


Pr. David Rufner said...

Becky, good to hear from you.

What are you up to these days? Have you indeed arrived at your goal to be a teacher in a classical Christian education model - latin, rhetoric, latin, etc.?

I'll admit that I have no recollection of anything IN WRITING to you... I'm guessing it might have been the product of some cafeteria banter.?.

Caspar, you can take a breather. I don't know that there is much to explain here. There is much to talk about between Lutherans and Calvinists, but this is not one of them...

Again, Becky, I hope you are well. I've been blessed with a wife and two boys, and I am thankig God for parish life - as difficult and joyous as it is. I hope to hear from you again sometime. Please e-mail me to keep me up to speed.

In Our Lord,

Rebecca said...

Yeah, sorry about that. I should have stated that it was a JOKE! :-) I'm not interested in preaching.

Dave, I have become a teacher in a semi-classical school-we're not the full blown deal, but I'm okay with that. I personally don't teach the Latin however. I'm hoping to start my own school down the line...a good Reformational Academy of some sort.

I can't believe you have two kids now. I knew you had gotten married. Wow. Well, I'll add you to my e-mail list and keep you in the loop. Hope you're doing well. I take it Queen Latifa bit the dust long ago, but I still remember that crazy car.

Devona said...

Hahahahahaha, This is too funny to me.

I was not surprised by Caspar's comment, but I was not expecting that Pr. Rufner's old car was named Queen Latifa. I knew I was a lutheran for some reason. ;)