No Room For Contraception

In another forum, Pastor Curtis pointed out this secular website - www.noroomforcontraception.com. While I am sure there are religious contributors to this site, it is a secular site with argumentation from the kingdom of the left. According to Pastor Curtis, you can sign up to receive their newsletter as well - something he has found profitable. Enjoy.

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Caspar said...

I don't think you could necessarily classify this as a "secular site." They are certainly coming at this from a religious perspective (mainly Roman Catholic). Their FAQ #5 states:

"The founders of No Room for Contraception are Catholic, however this is not a Catholic organization. The purpose and goal of No Room for Contraception is to expose the harms that artificial contraception brings to marriage and society, and this goal does not require belief in any religious tradition. The Catholic Church has been the only major Christian religion to firmly oppose artificial contraception. Her many documents clearly and prophetically explain this teaching. Because of Her firm leadership against the use of chemical contraception, No Room for Contraception has links to the major Catholic Church documents on this topic, and draws heavily from the works of Catholic theologians and scholars."

There are certainly lots of great resources out there on the Internet. Expect a specifically Roman Catholic perspective from this one.