Happy Birthday Humanae Vitae?

Humanae Vitae turned 40 within the last week.

It isn't long and it is an interesting read. And don't worry if you are a Lutheran, it is not like you are communing at a Roman Catholic altar by reading it.


Article 17 is downright prophetic.

Now, before anyone gets their nose of joint let me state the following: Admiring a Pope's application of Christian thought and Natural Law does not mean that one sees the Papacy as good thing.

It does blow my mind that we followed in the steps of the Church of England into such gross error on this topic. We Lutherans have a serious problem that needs to be addressed in this case. I think the development of the overall Lutheran approach to contraception is something akin to our penchant in some circles of avoiding crosses with a corpus. In other words - no we can't go buying into that, it is just too Catholic.

Truth is truth - even when those who drove us out see it as truth too. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy makes for bad policy, dogma and doctrine.

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