More Wisdom From Rev. Dr. Rick Stuckwisch

Excerpt: "The ground-zero problem is the presupposition that children are a choice. Every disagreement, every frustration, every poor decision (because there are choices and decisions to be made), and every fear pertaining to family size either stems from this presupposition or is exacerbated by it. Christians should know better, but they may be misled. They confess that God is the "Maker of the heavens and the earth," the "Author and Giver of life," but their decisions and actions may profess something else. Perhaps it derives from an imprecise and sloppy way of speaking, but the rhetoric has shaped thinking and solidified opinions contrary to the Creed." ~ Rev. Stuckwisch

Read the whole thing: Musings on Having a "Big" Family [RickStuckwisch.jpg]

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