Sell your eggs for a free Indian Vacation!

From an email sent to me from a friend, commenting on the depths to which we have sunk and how our "liberated" age has just opened new avenues for women to be exploited.


When I first heard about the Indian "rent-a-womb" industry, I couldn't believe Oprah was promoting it as a good thing for women. And yet she presented it as a great opportunity for women. I am still mystified as to how she could see this as anything other than what it is - the exploitation of poor women of color for the benefit of wealthy westerners. The industry in Inda is still almost completely unregulated and has now started advertising on college campuses here.

OK, so I'm not allowed to eat Big Macs, Twinkies or GM corn, but if I am 20-something, smart and healthy, I can pump my body full of chemicals that will likely leave me infertile with a greatly increased risk of cancer and may even cause a stroke or death -- all for the benefit of some rich couple. What do I get out of it? A few bucks in the bank and a free vacation to India.

Yea, I am woman, hear me sell myself.

Kamilla Ludwig

ht: Jennifer Lahl www.cbc-network.org

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