Heather MacDonald on Reengineering the Family

Heather MacDonald on Reengineering the Family

An atheist (or agnostic?) writer I find worth reading even when I disagree, since she often raises good questions and makes sharp points:

Indeed, heterosexual demand drove the medical revolution that allows gays to procreate. Infertile heterosexual couples unwilling to accept a biological limit in their lives spurred the ever-increasing array of gamete- and womb-swapping technologies that now includes sperm banks and complicated surrogacy arrangements. Unmarried middle-aged women, similarly unwilling to give up their assumed right to have it all, have also provided a market for revolutionary fertility techniques. Gays have merely piggybacked on procedures that heterosexuals created for themselves.

My question: If engineering is what we are talking about, who has the right and authority to do the reengineering?

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