Baseball, Apple Pie, and Procreation

"It is a fact that baseball players, especially catchers, started using metal cups --and later hard plastic-- in the 19th century. They did not use hard helmets until about WWII. They must have finally realized that your head is also important to protect."
I wonder if, instead of ignorance, this fact reflects the relative importance given to protecting a man's procreative capacity in the 19th Century compared to the 20th Century. I recall from my little league days that batting helmets were mandatory, but we never wore cups.


Anonymous said...

My little league guys wore cups in the late 90s, but maybe it had to do with playing pitcher/catcher.

Anonymous said...

My son's coach grabs a bat and waves it in front of the boys at the end of practice and tells them that before the coming game there will be a cup check. So, they had better wear a cup. He has never done a cup check, but the boys find the threat hilarious and therefore report the coach's line to mom and dad who then remember to make their sons wear cups.
Pretty effective.