Worldview at the Heart

While the following link does not exclusively address the issues of procreation, this week Rev. Jonathan Fisk does a fine job articultating a Biblical stance for the procreation of children and their natural flow from a Christian marriage. Often times, Rev. Fisk points to the culture we live in and recognizes that our current popular worldview is indeed at odds with the Biblical worldview. The real recognition of sin, its profound effects on the world, and the emphasis on personhood and most importantly that Christ cares so much for you that he suffered, died, and rose to give you forgiveness, life, and salvation. In this video Rev. Fisk gets to this topic stemmed from the question of homosexuality. He is absolutely right in speaking that this topic as well as the many other sexual sins that are prevalent in our world today are against the same commandment. Yet, for these sins has Christ died and redeemed.
If you have yet to discover this site, I highly recommend it for some comedic and yet very confessional Lutheran discussions. www.worldvieweverlasting.com

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