Does the LCMS have a Position on Birth Control?

I'm not a huge fan of Lutherquest, but the following linked discussion has some excellent points and exchanges regarding whether or not there is a synodical position on this question.

Is Birth Control a Sin? 

For instance, the following comment is by Rev. Robert C. Baker, formerly senior editor of adult Bible studies at CPH, now teaching philosophy at Lindenwood University-Belleville (IL).
Thank you, Rev. McCain. Taking your advice, I contacted Rev. Joel Lehenbauer of the CTCR, who told me just moments ago that the Synod does not have an official position on contraception. The Human Sexuality Statement produced in 1981 was commended by the Synod for "study purposes." Dr. Lehenbauer also informs me that the CTCR is in the process of formulating a new statement given same-sex marriage, etc.
I wrote on this question myself a couple years ago here on this blog:



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