One of my nieces, Evangelina, is third born to my sister and she has special needs. My sister and her husband knew while carrying her that this was the case. They are Christians. My sister has given birth to another niece of mine, Lisette, after having Lina..  Again, my sister and brother in law are Christians.  Thus far they have four girls.  I'm praying for more grandchildren for my mother; she has twelve so far from her three kids (four a piece).

 Now read the link and see the wickedness that resides in the hearts of men.  

It seems to me that both now and in the future, except for rare instances, the only children to be born with Down Syndrome (and many other maladies) will be born to Christians.  The rest will be killed.

Oh, and by the way, after you read the article, know that none of my kids like brushing their teeth and none of them have Down Syndrome.


Gregory K. Laughlin said...

My wife and I are the parents of four children, the third of whom has a rare genetic disorder which has left her with severe cognitive and physical disabilities. The callousness which our society has toward the disabled is heart rending. It is sadly obvious that the majority of Americans believe that my daughter's life is not worth living and that she, we and society at large would be better off were she dead. Such attitude is nothing less than a demonstration of hatred of the disabled. This is but more evidence that our society has reverted to the immorality from which Christianity had lifted us. May God have mercy on us.

The Rev. BT Ball said...

Dear Gregory, I rejoice that the Lord has given this dear one to you. He is the Lord of Life and her life is certainly worth living and treasuring; the Incarnation of the Son of God shows you this. He bore all her infirmities on the cross and by His resurrection and her Baptism into the same she is perfect and glorious in the eyes of our Father. I am sure it is way you see her as well, as should we all. May God strengthen you and your family to care for the dear child you have received from Him.