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Here's a disturbing story: Baby-picture zapping plug-in is well Liked on Facebook
"Unbaby.me performs the useful social task of removing baby pictures that narcissistic parents post on your Facebook newsfeed. In less than four days, it has 44,000 Likes. Next stop: a reduced birth rate?

"At heart, though, the greatest social service performed by this fine plug-in is to reduce the pressure on those of a fertile, impressionable age to have children."
In other words, it helps shield the conscience from the natural law's guilt of refusing the blessing of children.  This reminded me of a post I wrote two years ago: The Child Catcher.  Of course people have a "right" to exclude kids from whatever they want.  It's a free country.  But this shows the depravity of this free country and our postmodern baby-hating culture.

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Gregory K. Laughlin said...

While the courts appear to agree with such a right, I'd assert that restrictive covenants in deeds which restrict residents from property because of age should be declared unconstitutional and void for the exact same reason that such restrictive covenants based on race or ethnicity have been declared unconstitutional and void. It is blatant discrimination against people not party to the restrictive covenant and against public policy. It also violates the Equal Protection clause.