Great New Lutheran Book Resource!

Contraception and Christendom
by Dr. David S. Hasselbrook

Sole Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church
Missoula, MT (since 2007)

MDiv Fort Wayne 2003
PhD St Louis 2010

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Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Just finished reading it. Well done! Nothing new here that I haven't already seen and argued myself, but it is orthodox and well presented . Over half of the book is a review/refutation of Alfred Rehwinkel's arguments as presented in his 1959 book Planned Parenthood. This is a relatively effective method of exposing many of the common arguments in favor of contraception, though not an exhaustive one. It is a brief book (91 pages), though not as brief as Pr. Heath Curtis's pamphlet. It would be a very good resource to share with those beginning a more thorough study of the issue. It's a blessing to have this in print!