Historical Review of Contraception Views

It has been some time since writing and while this is not a new work of my own it is worth sharing. A good historical review. http://www.hli.org/resources/historical-church-teaching-contraception/

A quote from the article includes our own Lutheran perspective, who has been cited here before. 
"Dr. Walter A. Maier, a professor at the Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Louis, wrote that 'Birth Control, as popularly understood today and involving the use of contraceptives, is one of the most repugnant of modern aberrations, representing a 20th Century renewal of pagan bankruptcy.'"  

Also of note and intrigue to me on this issue and a thought worthy of consideration: "Since Her beginning, the Catholic Church has condemned all unnecessary mutilation of the body.  Contraception is unique in that it adds a new dimension to this practice ― it actually cripples a major organ system."

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