Is the bug spreading?

It seems that the discussion about the pill and its effects on marriage and women's health is running through all of Christendom.

A good friend of mine sent me this article yesterday. It's a little less weighty and theology-y, which is good for people like me. It's also entertaining to read. So here you go:

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Mircette and I became one shortly before my wedding day. In a way, my union with the wallet-sized green box of 28 pills was more complete than the bond I had with my husband. We devoured each other: I swallowed the little tablet daily, and its hormones penetrated the cells of my body.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful article! My husband told me that he was 100% against the Pill while we were still dating, but for different reasons. His parents were research pharmacists and through their knowledge he has become very wary of chemicals interuppting normal body functions. We are both pretty much heath-nuts and interuppting a perfectly well-working menstral cycle didn't fit into our heath scheme. Then we read Sam and Bethany's books, they also happen to be good friends of mine. Perhaps God does care about that aspect of our lives. So, even if I won't admit that the Pill is a mortal sin, it has done enough damage to our culture to at least warrent a serious boycott.