Some links

These are some links that I found while searching "the pill deaths, Puerto Rico."

They are not from sites that are opposed to the pill, or other birth control. In fact one of them is from a feminist webpage.

I post them because I find then to be ironic. They all discuss the high risk of illness and death for women if on the pill for extended periods of time, but none suggest that women do not use them.

They also discuss the controversial deaths of women used as test subjects for the pill in Puerto Rico, and how they have been prevented from happening again by lowering the doses of estrogen in the pill. What they do not mention is that by lowering the levels of estrogen to protect women, that is when the pill is less likely to have anovulatory effects, and breakthrough ovulation is more likely to occur.


Tim's Ghost said...

Pastor: This is off topic, but could you please add a counter to your blog, so that we can see how often it is visited? As far as I know, this is the only one like it. I hope that this blog produces many fruitful discussions.



Pr. David Rufner said...

Tim, there is a counter way, way, at the bottom of the first page. So, it is already there. However, it is the freebee from Bravenet. If anybody has any suggestions as to a more helpful counter I am all ears.


Devona said...

pastor, maybe you could use the extreme tracker that we have on our blog. It is very helpful, and shows you who has been linking to you, and how often, as well as how many unique visitors you've had.

You can get it at extremetracking.com

I hope that helps. :)