A Habitable World?

In London last week, the Optimum Population Trust called for Britons to have "one child less" because the United Kingdom's "high birth rate is a major factor in the current level of climate change, which can only be combated if families voluntarily limit the number of children they have."

Story by Mark Steyn.

Allan Carlson comments in his e-mail newsletter:

The Optimum Population Trust’s hysteria is occasioned by a recent blip in British child-bearing, which rose from 1.8 children per woman in 2005 to 1.87 in 2006. Demographers attribute the increase to more career women having children later in life.

This is still far below the post-World War II high for Britain, 2.93 in 1964. More significantly, it’s well below replacement level of 2.11. Even if the current rate is maintained, the United Kingdom will still see its population decline in every generation, absent massive immigration.

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Devona said...

Interestingly, my In-Law's (family of 7 kids) son's class did a project where they calculated the ecological footprint of every household in the class.

My In-Laws had the most kids, and still had the smalled EF of any other family. Why? They share everything. Rides, rooms, food, clothes, TVs, Gameboys.

Every other family with two kids had more stuff, and fewer people to use it.

It's not our humans that are polluting this planet. It's all of their junk!