Plan B Use Surges, And So Does Controversy

By Rob Stein

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 13, 2007; Page A01

The popularity of the morning-after pill Plan B has surged in the year since the federal government approved the sale of the controversial emergency contraceptive without a prescription.

Plan B sales have doubled since the Food and Drug Administration authorized the switch for women 18 and older last August, rising from about $40 million a year to what will probably be close to $80 million for 2007, according to Barr Pharmaceuticals, which makes Plan B.

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Anonymous said...

Here's what I find very disturbing. There are numerous pro-life Christians who oppose Plan-B, but eagerly embrace its little sibling the pill. How is this a consistent pro-life ethic?

Even more, the head of the Bioethics institute at Concordia University Wisconsin is hesitant to take a stand against Plan B because he doesn't believe it has abortifacient qualities (and as you'd guess, he considers the pill a matter of Christian freedom).

As if that's not enough, the bioethics guy at Concordia Wisconsin helped author the upcoming CTCR document "Christ in Your Relationship: Thoughts on Christan Marriage, Family and Contraception."

I can't say I'm overly optimistic about it.

Erich Heidenreich said...

Thanks for the information

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this blog. It's interesting and informative. I don't agree with it all 100%, however, I am against hormonal contraceptives because of their abortifacient qualities. It's a shame that so many people that believe life begins at conception aren't aware of what the Pill, IUD's and Plan B actually do.

Pr. David Rufner said...


Thanks you for writing. It is encouraging. To my mind 4 questions are being asked on this blog - each more important than the other:

1. What is the action of hormonal contraceptives?
2. Are contraceptives as a whole helpful to the institution of marriage?
3. How does natural law inform us on this issue?
4. How does the Word of God inform this issue. And I would note here that while some seek to use the Word of God to proof-text contraception is lawful or unlawful, I take this question to be focussed on the person and work of Jesus Christ as is the entirety of the Word (Luke 24).