We have added Bioethike to our "Blogs worth following." This a relatively new personal blog authored by Robert C. Baker.

No, not the inventor of the chicken nugget. ;-)
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Rather, this is Rev. Robert C. Baker (CSL 98), the senior editor of adult Bible studies at CPH. Rev. Baker is a very articulate and wise defender of the traditional biblical doctrine of marriage and procreation.

Rev. Baker describes his blog as follows:
Bioethike is a new blog discussing ethics, particularly bioethics, from a distinctively orthodox Lutheran perspective.

Bioethike makes the following assumptions:
  • all ethics is law;
  • classical Lutheran ethics embraced lex natura, the natural law; its abandonment by some Lutherans in the 20th century has impoverished Lutheran contributions to the field;
  • dichotomies such as Law/Gospel, sinner/saint, etc. are helpful only as pastoral applications.
Your contributions and collaborations are appreciated!
Watch this blog closely, and I encourage you to join him in conversation. I promise the readers of Lutherans and Procreation will find Rev. Baker's writings of increasing interest -- never flat or tasteless like chicken nuggets. ;-) For instance, check out his latest post on the Lutheran Church and Sexuality.

Kukos, Rev. Baker! We're listening.

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