Quiverfull on NPR

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Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

These "Quiverfullers" obviously have a theology of glory.

GL said...

I was in the midst of my Lenten fast from blogging when you posted this. I listened to this on NPR and I do have some concerns about the Quiverfull Movement. I believe, of course, that they are correct to be open to as many children as God chooses to bless them with. And I believe that they are correct in their reliance on the blessing and command to be fruitful and multiply and on the Scriptures that teach that children are a blessing from God and that the man who has many is particularly blessed.

However, I believe they miss the mark when they view their children as warriors in a culture war. The enemy of Christians (indeed of all humans) are Satan and the angels that fell with him, sin, death, and the evil that beats within our own hearts, not our fellow sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Our focus should be on discerning the will of God and submitting to it. It is He, after all, who taught us to first seek His kingdom. The other good things in life, including a more moral culture, will be added to us if we do.

It is the disobedience of Christians to God's will on a number of matters, including accepting the gift of children should He will to so bless us, that is more to blame for our culture's decline than the sins of nonbelievers. Christians need to stop searching for specks in the eyes of the unregenerate and start paying more attention to the logs blinding our own vision.

So, in the end, I would observe that the Quiverfull parents interviewed on NPR are doing the right thing for the wrong reason.