The Baby Conference

Babies: Blessing or Burden?
a conference from Vision Forum Ministries

There are very important distinctions between "Quiverfull Lutherans" and the typical Christian Reconstructionist brand of "Quiverfilling" found amongst our Reformed brothers and sisters. As the Vision Forum is distinctively Calvinist, I wonder how hard it would be to pick the bones out of this fish. Nevertheless, I have found quite a bit of the material produced by these people and their friends to be a great blessing (for instance, this book co-authored by one of the presenters at this conference).

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Anonymous said...

Vision Forum has some thought provoking materials for the discerning reader. I don't think we should read anything uncritically. They are just people like anyone else. Not perfect, but trying to be faithful. We listen to plenty of advice from other folks that we can be pretty sure aren't even trying to be faithful or look to the Lord for guidance in life.