LCMS President Matt Harrison says "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

Set the little ball at the bottom of this youtube video at 9 minutes and 20 seconds into this video and listen to President Matt Harrison recommend giving heed to the divine command to "Be fruitful and Multiply" and have large families in the LCMS.


Gregory K. Laughlin said...

Good news for the LCMS. Having leaders promoting childbearing is very important. While I am not Lutheran, I am fortunate to belong to a congregation and denomination in which large families are celebrated and children are welcomed in worship, not shunted off to another part of the building. May God bless this, His message, with many crying babies over the coming years, babies who will grow to become the next generation of leaders in a spiritually and biologically fruitful LCMS.

Gregory K. Laughlin said...
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