Oh, Jesus Christ! How Bright and Fair

A beautiful hymn praising God for the gift of children.


Note especially these verses:

5. O wife! the Lord has chosen you
That from your womb shall life anew
Increase the Church and build it
This wondrous work forever mounts,
The mighty word His lips pronounce:
What here you see, shall yield it
Shall come,
Sons and daughters
To the waters
Of Salvation
Finding grace and good vocation.

6. Be of good cheer, for this decree
Is not a human father's plea:
Our Heav'nly Father gave it,
Who loves us through the coming days
And who, when grief upon us weighs,
Will give us strength to brave it;
Blest end
He'll send,
As we're doing
And pursuing,
Or conceiving,
Wise and happy children giving.

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