Demographic Winter

At the Illinois Lutherans for Life conference this past Saturday, one of speakers showed the trailer for the Documentary - Demographic Winter. The film deals with population rates and their decline in the West. I picked up a copy, will watch and post a review. The film has been out for about a year now and if you google it you will see that the pro-abort/anti-life side are not fans. The movie's trailer is worth a watch.


At the conference the question was asked if contraception aided the demographic winter as well as the culture of death. The only non-Lutheran presenter, who showed the clip, said yes, and referred to Luther's writings on the subject.

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Theophil Jones said...

There could be a positive side to this idea of a demographic winter. Longman, to some extent, and Mark Steyn, to a much greater extent, both think that the demographic data indicate an imminent collapse of the social services superstructures of the West. If that were to happen having children, as many as you could, would become so much more important because the government won't be there for you in your old age. It might also have the effect of reintroducing the Church as the caretaker of the widows, orphans and sick.

Though, of course, we should pray that the revaluation of children and reestablishment of the Church's social position (a truly right handed, salutary and care taking position) come without the threatening devastation described by these authors.