Presbyterians and Birth Control

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Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Quote: "We need not suppose that the addition of a child to a family is solely another threatening expense; rather, it is another reason for God to bless the family so that the woman’s seed’ vanquishes the serpent’s (Gen. 3.15)."It appears this particular Presbyterian does not know that Christ is the woman's seed referred to in Genesis 3:15, and that He has already crushed the serpent's head.

GL said...


Indeed. That is a very good observation.

To the extent that this writer relies on Genesis 3:15 in the way he indicates as an argument against the use of contraception, he, like the Quiverfull couples interviewed on NPR, is right to promote openness to children, but does so for the wrong reason.

And, actually, this substitution of ourselves in Scripture when the text is referring either specifically to our Lord or some other specific person or distinct group of people leads to a less Christ-centered and more man-centered understanding of the Gospel. I recall when I first made the effort to read the Psalms wherever it seemed possible as referring to God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, rather than the Psalmist or myself. It opened my mind to understand, as He taught, that all Scripture is really about Him.

I would go so far as to declare that the reason that the so-called Christian Right has become so obsessed with political solutions for spiritual problems is that they fundamentally misread Scripture, believing that man, not God, is in charge of history. As a result, they have turned the admonition of Psalm 146 on its head, putting their trust in princes, sons of men, rather than in the Prince, the Son of God and the Son of Man.

And here, too, we see the problem with at least some of the folks in the Quiverfull Movement, who apparently see children as a means to an end, cultural renewal, rather than as gifts from God. These gifts may lead to cultural renewal, but when we see having children as our part in the culture war, we are once again relying on our works rather than God. He may use our children -- I pray He does -- but He doesn't need our obedience to fulfill His design for history. It is we who are blessed when we obey Him, not the other way around.

Nonetheless, I am happy to see another Christian who realizes that our use of contraception is gravely sinful. He should, however, read David Kennedy's Birth Control in America, from which he would learn of the efforts of orthodox Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists and other Christians to resist the acceptance of birth control. There was then, and always has been, by His grace, a faithful few.