Marriage: Why? When?

Wow! This article hits the nail on the head in my opinion. Ummm... No, sorry, that's not quite right... Actually, it hits several nails on the head, and drives them all the way into my thick skull. Yes, alright, that's more honest.

Now, I would also apologize for the author's frank references to sex, but the Bible itself is quite explicit in exposing sexual sin. In fact, it is rather counterproductive to sanitize our discussions about what has gone wrong with the postmodern relationship(s) of man and woman.

In any case, when reading this article, be prepared for it to challenge our typical blind
acceptance of societal norms in favor of a Biblically informed view of marriage.

*The photo above from 1902 is the wedding photo of my wife's great-grandparents, Joseph Albert Gomoluch and Mary Irene Duda, wed at 26 and 15 yrs of age respectively. My own mother was 17 when she married my father, who was 27, in the photo below from 1957. And, yes, they are still happily married. My mother is 70, and my father will be 80 this August 31st.


Anonymous said...

Was your grandmother Slovak?

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

I'm pretty certain my wife's great-grandmother pictured above was Polish.