Annual Family Retreat at Redeemer-Ft. Wayne

Here are the audio files of the sectional presentation that Pr. Stuckwisch and his wife LaRena gave on The Church as the Household and Family of God; and the sermon Pr. Stuckwisch preached for the Commemoration of the Holy Ghost (Acts 8:14-17; St. John 14:23-31) at the concluding Divine Service.

There were twelve different sectionals at the retreat in addition to the plenary speaker. We also celebrated the Lord's Supper every day in addition to Matins and Vespers, hearing a total of seven sermons - each from a different pastor. And that's not all we packed into this 48 hour family-friendly retreat! Plan to attend the next one August 2-4, 2011 (noon Tuesday through noon Thursday). It is affordable for everyone, and priceless in value. Not only families attend, and not only homeschoolers. There are even singles and older couples as well, but if you don't like kids, better stay away. Several large families attend, and children are not segregated away from "adult" activities. You can just attend for a day or a partial day if you like. Check out the FAQ.

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Anonymous said...

That looks great. I would love it if we had such a retreat in our area.