Conception After Miscarriage

Another one of the false medical reasons for contraception has been shot down. I remember my wife being told by her OB/GYN after each of our miscarriages that he highly recommended contracepting for at least three months. I'm sure readers know what our response was. Now, according to CNN a new study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that after a miscarriage it's better to get pregnant sooner than later - within six months being best. Imagine that. We were actually right to trust God. Here's another article from the BBC.


Jon Townsend said...

When we lost our first child to miscarriage, I remember sitting in the waiting room, my wife semi conscious in the recovery room and the doctor comes out and within two sentences tells me, "on her follow up visit in 10 days, we have to talk about birth control." I was emotionally blank at the time, wiped out, but my blood pressure went through the roof. "We do not and will not use the pill... On religious grounds." I replied. Just absolutely wierd. You lose your baby and the first thing they talk to you about is birth control. I never thought though that there was some kind of medical justification for it. It turns out even that is absolutely flimsy.

Anonymous said...

Doctors pushing birth control is creepy. Who are they to interfere in a couple's marriage?