CPH: Marriage by God's Design

Here is the official "Marriage by God's Design" web page where you can learn all about the study. Go to the "Samples" page to download a PDF of the entire first lesson of this new Bible study. Check out the way this study seeks to get people to think in terms of God's Word. Look especially at question #12:
"God blesses and commands male and female to 'be fruitful' and 'multiply' and 'fill the earth' and 'subdue it' and 'have dominion' (Genesis 1:28, emphasis added). Take a good look at the italicized words in this passage. If God were an architect and if marriage were His blueprint, what would God be building? What does the devil do to undo God’s 'building project'?"
Of course, I wish the answer key linked this blog. ;-) Nevertheless, thanks be to God for the leadership of CPH, and especially for our friend and senior editor of adult Bible studies Rev. Robert C. Baker, in producing this study of God's Word.

Below are two videos of Rev. Baker introducing this study, including a brief appearance by our new synodical president, Rev. Matthew Harrison:

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